We're Only Human  Photo Call

We're Only Human

198? to 198?

These photos show the second regular line of We're Only Human with Alan Hammonds on vocals, John Rollason on guitar, Keith Taylor on bass guitar  and Mark "Tarky" Bates on drums. The first incarnation had Les Rollason on bass guitar before being replaced by Keith when the band reformed.

The band played live extensively, but concentrated primarily on London and the South East of England.

The line up released one single, with Hold my head up high as the A side and I wouldn't treat a dog (like you treat me) on the reverse, on VC Records (VC002) in 198?.

The band also spent time in America recording for a Texan millionaire with a view to releasing their first album. Unfortunately, the endless habit of meeting music business wasters was to become evident again and the discussions around the proposed deal became protracted and then withered and died.

The band also made a number of low budget video clips as part of a media college project, which gave the students some practice at using the cameras and editing and also gave the band a laugh and a film or two at the end of it.

Not much in the way of official publicity material exists from this period as the band had returned to playing for the thrill of the live appearances, but having no real interest in breaking through after years of indifference and neglect. Those few photographs that do still exist can be seen here (see above, left and below).

The band continued to play live for a number of years and earned more great live reviews as a result.

The first We're Only Human farewell gig took place in 1982, at the Pied Bull in Islington, in North London, only a stones throw from Alan and Kidders flat at the time. Pictures from that night can be seen on the left below.

You can also see the review of that farewell show which appeared in the Islington Gazette here.


Al and Johnny live at the Pied Bull

Tarky live at the Pied Bull

From left to right, Kidder, John, Alan, Les, Lorraine (a fan) and Tarky.

One more from the main We're Only Human photo shoot - Tarky, Keith, Al and Johnny.

        This picture shows Avril (a fan), Kidder, John, Alan, Les, Lorraine (a fan) and Tarky.

Alans own We're Only Human montage - with some of his influences, loves and temptations.