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22 February 2006

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The band when they were called The Kicks

Pop Into The Past: Incredible Kidda Band

Local music expert Pete Chambers continues his look at local pop music with the spotlight on Nuneaton punks, The Incredible Kidda Band.

 Local music expert Pete Chambers takes a look back at the best in pop music from the past and present that came from our area.

Every other Friday from 3pm, Pete will be on air to talk about the bands, singers and songs that made Britain swing during the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. You can also take a trip down memory lane with the songs themselves.


Facts on The Incredible Kidda Band

American girl band The Babyshakes have recorded a version of The Kicks track If Looks Could Kill.

Also worth checking out is the terrific new album from Alan Hammonds, called The Kidda Band Man. Itís a CD thatís full of very funny, very topical and very well written songs.

As The Kicks, each member of the band appeared as a Page 3 Pin Up in teen girls' magazine, Oh Boy! A huge honour!

This week, Pete looks at the career of The Incredible Kidda Band.

The Incredible Kidda Band by Pete Chambers

The Incredible Kidda Band were Nuneatonís finest and probably only real power pop punk band in the seventies. Lively and energetic are just two terms you could apply to this band some others would be crazy, loud, mad and exciting!

Yep, you always kew when this band were on stage you were in for a good time, they never let an audience down an! d they probably never left the stage without an encore during their height.

The classic Incredible Kidda Band line-up featured Alan Hammonds, Kidder, Dave Lister, Les Rollason, Johnny Rollason and Dick Millington. A year into their career they released the single Everybody Knows, not a huge seller at the time but some 28 years later it has been fetching crazy prices (£200+) on E-bay. And while we are using the word crazy, it may be opportune to mention that one band member, who should probably remain nameless (OK itís Alan Hammonds) had frisbee-d 120 copies of the said single into a nearby skip!!

During their career they got to play not once but twice on the popular ITV show, Get It Together. The first was in 1979 alongside ELO and Les McKeown of the Bay City Rollers, while the second was in 1981 playing alongside Cliff Richard, of all people.

By 1980 they reinvented themselves at The Kicks and went on to release the singles Get Off The Telephone, Big Boys Donít Cry, If Looks Could Kill and Donít She Look Fab.

By the end of the 80s, the band had changed into Weíre Only Human and all was pretty much over for The Kidda Band and their guitar-based style of new wave rock.

Their legacy continues - not just in the price their first single commands but also in the release of the band's CD compilation, Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, a 29 track anthology of the band, including the local gem Camphill Go Go!

That was followed in 2002 by a batch of re-released singles from Japanese label 1977 Records.

Two former members of the band, Alan and Dave, and Pete Chambers will be on the Bob Brolly show on Friday, 24 February from 3pm. Listen to the show here.

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You are in: Coventry and Warwickshire > Entertainment > Music > Features > Pop Into The Past: Incredible Kidda Band